Love-RN no more.

Today was just any ordinary day with extraordinary revelations. I still talk about him with some of my friends whom I know will not tease me. Gladly, she just listened to me. As we talk about our lives including our career, faith and singleness, eventually he came out of my mouth.

I narrated my first ever hang out with him and some of our friends from the hospital. Minute that passes by gave me reasons to drop the feelings I have for him. And just a while ago, I declared that this will be the last day I’ll talk about him.

Lessons learned:

  • A woman doesn’t need to beg for a man’s attention.
  • A woman should never draw her identity from a man.
  • A woman must be pursued, and the man should be able to lead her.
  • Both must be complete in Jesus’ love before committing in a relationship.

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